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In 2016 Seri-Art celebrates 50 years of activity in the graphics sector. Thanks to the investments done during these years, the company has acquired more and more skills in technology, specialising both in screen printing and in digital printing. Leaded by a team of highly qualified business managers, who promoted a strong policy of internationalization, Seri-Art has managed to gain domestic and foreign market share, acquiring customers among multinational corporations. Thanks to its know-how, Seri-Art has reached with its products international excellence in the fields of toys, childhood and childcare articles, automotive, constructions, go-karts, motorcy ...

years of story

It was 1966 and I had just one single thought in my mind: I can’t go on like this! When I find a client who wants a printed t-shirt with a brand, an emblem or a writing all the earning goes to the printer! It cannot be that difficult to use a printer….I’m sure I can do it by ...


For 50 years we have been building our experience in silk screen printing, trying to improve ourselves time after time without losing sight of our main goal: quality of outcomes, of service and of professionalism.
We really care about offering to our italian and international customers and prospects an excellent service in screen printing: for this reason we rely on precious and experienced employees, who share with us love and care for our work and who can show to our customers passion for screen printing.
Reliability is a main purpose for a company like Seri-Art, which is really involved in customer care.
We combine a constant research of service’s improvement with reliability and accurate time scheduling, as well as the perfect flexibility to meet every kind of customers’ request.


Since 1988 Seri-Art is associated to Confindustria with the Industrial Association of Cremona. For 8 years Valter Galbignani has been the President of Industrial Associations for small sized companies of Cremona and now he is the President of small sized companies in Lombardy. Our excellence has been acknowledged:
Seri-Art is listed among the 99 excellent companies of Lombardy and in the 450 excellent companies in Italy (Il Sole 24 Ore, 22nd January 2007) in relation to development and innovation. Read more... WE ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AS ITALIAN EXCELLENCE   


Seri-Art is deeply concerned in the research for eco-friendly materials and colors and has been investing a lot of resources, together with its suppliers, in search for adhesives not containing PVC. Despite the achievements, research and innovation have always been the goals to be pursued in the name of philosophy and corporate values. During the years and thanks to


What is Screen printing?
Screen printing is the only printing system which enables printing on any material. The Screen printing is a printing technique with a matrix, formerly known as "crivellografia" because the printing ink passed through a "sieve" (crivello), that is a sort of dense texture, initially made of silk. The basic process of screen printing with one color is roughly the following: after marki ...



Seri-Art, with its deep respect for environment, has invested in renewable energy equipping itself with a photovoltaic system, which can reduce both the electric consumption of industrial activity and the emission of CO2. The system, placed on the roof, can produce more than 120,000 kWh / year, avoiding the emission of about 63 tons of...


"With talent you can win a match but only with team work and brightness you can win a championship" Cit. MJ

Valter Galbignani

CEO & Founder

Matteo Galbignani

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mariangela Terreni

Export Manager

Stefania Visigalli

Administration dept

Daniela Mantovani

Customer Care


Interview to Mr. Ugo Malossi, President of Malossi.

What does your company produce? Malossi plans and produces special components, of its own design, in order to boost bikes and scooters, mainly for competitions.How has the cooperation with Seri-Art started? It started with an order of stickers with our...


From 2nd April to 30th August the famous tapestry cycle dedicated to “the story of Sanson” will be showed in the external Pavillion of the Violin Museum of Cremona.These 12 gorgeous tapestry, 7 of which recently restored, were realized during the...

Interview to the Director of Purchasing PegPerego.

What makes your company? PegPerego, an Italian company founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego that revolutionized the market with innovate ideas and avant-garde, for that period, it manufactures strollers, prams and is a leader in the field of electric toys..

Does the Land of Toys exist? Yes, in Nuremberg!

From 28th January to 2nd February the most important worldwide event in toys, hobbies and free time industry took place in Nuremberg. This year it has had great numbers: 2700 exhibitors, coming from more than 60 countries, 75.000 visitors coming from more...


From 1st May to 31st October 2015 Italy will host Expo Milano 2015, the International Exhibit of food and nutrition. For 6 months Milan will become a worldwide showcase for the best technologies of each Country, in order to answer to a basic need: to...

Visit at the Violin Museum.

Last 14th February at the Violin Museum a small event took place, promoted by Seri-Art and dedicated to its customers and suppliers. First of all the group could visit the museum, appreciating every single detail thanks to the guide. Then in the afternoon...

Leave the word to employees.

EZIO: How long have you been working for Seri-Art?-36, almost 37! Do you feel you are part of a family? Absolutely! In the company there’s cooperation and friendship, that’s why I’ve been here so long; if you don’t put all yourself in your job you can’t.....

Let’s make company: open doors to students!

In order to celebrate the fifth national day of small-medium sized companies, the board of small companies of Cremona studied a strategy to involve students and companies. “Industriamoci” is the title of the movement, which was joined by 16 companies from...

EICMA 2014: motorcycles and bikes for 100 years.

The 72nd edition of EICMA, the world exhibition of motorcycling, took place in the fair of Milano Rho from 6th to 9th November.  This event has celebrated its first century this year: the idea of showing motor scooter and motorcycles started in Milan ...

New year... New premises!!!

Seri-Art has decided to start 2015 with brand new offices. The main reason which guided the holders in this restructuring process, even in this difficult economic context, was to motivate and reward the employees and to strengthen their corporate loyalty.


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