Does the Land of Toys exist? Yes, in Nuremberg!

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From 28th January to 2nd February the most important worldwide event in toys, hobbies and free time industry took place in Nuremberg. 
This year it has had great numbers: 2700 exhibitors, coming from more than 60 countries, 75.000 visitors coming from more than 100 countries, 1 million of products, of which 75.000 new.
The fair has given the chance to many companies to show toys, which make boring subjects, such as maths and natural science, more understandable and funnier.
Also toys stimulating the creativity of children were displayed (singing, drawing, cooking...). 
Toys driven by body movements have been gaining more and more success, as well as new drones, light, with videocamera, which really amazed the visitors flying over their heads.
For the first time producers of furniture and accessories for children bedrooms took part to the fair. 
Among other innovations, Seri-Art pesented decaldry, a brand new technology, very different from ordinary stickers. It consists in a reverse side print on polyester, with the addition of glue.
This allows the color only to perfectly stick to the chosen object, thanks to a light pressure on polyester, which is later removed. The application cannot be felt to the touch. This new technology can be applied to hobby modeling of trains, aircrafts, helicopters and cars. 
We can say that this year again the expectations of visitors were not deceived. The exhibitors will surely be able to fulfill the dreams of children and adults, who wish to remain young.