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From 2nd April to 30th August the famous tapestry cycle dedicated to “the story of Sanson” will be showed in the external Pavillion of the Violin Museum of Cremona.
These 12 gorgeous tapestry, 7 of which recently restored, were realized during the Counter-Reformation by the painter and upholsterer Jan Raes from Brussels to decorate the Cathedral of Cremona. The exhibition will display also 2 more tapestry coming from another cycle of the history of Jesus partly lost.
We can say it is an impressive exhibition because each of these marvelous tapestry measures at least 20 sq. meters and some even 40 sq meters, reaching more than 400 sq meters as total exposed textiles, exquisitely twined.
Seri-Art, Member of the Violin Museum Friends, has fitted the Pavillion.
The company has prepared and affixed the descriptions, the 3 banners at the entrance and the posters attached in the city.
Seri-Art warmly invites you to visit the exhibition and to admire this heritage, hoping that the entries will be enough to restore at least one of the tapestry.