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From 1st May to 31st October 2015 Italy will host Expo Milano 2015, the International Exhibit of food and nutrition. For 6 months Milan will become a worldwide showcase for the best technologies of each Country, in order to answer to a basic need: to guarantee healthy food enough for all the people, respecting the Planet and its natural balance. Here the numbers of this exhibition: area of 1,1 mln sq. m. , more than 140 Countries and International Associations and more than 20 mln of expected visitors. Expo Milano 2015 will offer the opportunity to talk about ideas and solutions on nutrition subject and will stimulate the creativity of each Country, promoting the innovation for a sustainable future.

Moreover, you will be able to know and taste the best dishes of the world, discovering the culinary excellences of each Country.
During the exhibition the city of Milan and the exhibit area will be liven up by artistic and musical events, conferences, plays and workshops.

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