Interview to the Director of Purchasing PegPerego.

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What makes your company?
PegPerego, an Italian company founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego that revolutionized the market with innovate ideas and avant-garde, for that period, it manufactures strollers, prams and is a leader in the field of electric toys. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and research we have established ourselves all over the world, even if the production is exclusively in Italy.

How has the cooperation begun with Seri-Art?
The collaboration started about 20 years ago when we found the need to improve the quality of our products and service: Seri-Art provides us with the decorative stickers.

How has distinguished Seri-Art from the competitors?
Seri-Art had particular machines, which allow to reduce by half the time, and was able to satisfy our needs, at a very competitive price on the market.

Where engages Seri-Art in your production process?
In the toy intervenes in the final stage, print stickers decals. In early childhood, it is rather an intermediate step: we provide warning labels and regulations that are applied on car seats, and also labels made of silk paper that are applied and stitched on the bags of the products.

By working with Seri-Art, you were able to get an accurate profile of the company?
Seri-Art is able to satisfy the requests and targeted to respond to our needs.
We know that the owners and staff are very helpful, they also provide a minimum staff in holiday periods for any requests or needs. This fact encourages us in our cooperation.

What do you ask Seri-Art in terms of guarantees and quality?
We call for continuous research of materials and completing the related claims, thus solutions to the problems that may occur. In this way it is possible together to achieve the research objectives and synergy.