Interview to Mr. Ugo Malossi, President of Malossi.

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Interview to Mr. Ugo Malossi, President of Malossi.
What does your company produce?
Malossi plans and produces special components, of its own design, in order to boost bikes and scooters, mainly for competitions.
How has the cooperation with Seri-Art started?
It started with an order of stickers with our brand on it. Afterwards, we appreciated the good quality of the products and we became your clients.
What distinguishes Seri-Art from its competitors?
What distinguishes Seri-Art is its punctuality, courtesy and quality of products. 

Where does Seri-Art step in in your production process?
Ours is a very complex industry and the image is very important, it is mandatory to pay attention to every single detail, included the sticker which is applied at the end of the process. 

Have you been able to understand Seri-Art’s culture through your cooperation?
We have immediately understood that Seri-Art pays attention to new technologies and that considers the client as a true partner.
What do you expect from Seri-Art in terms of warranty and quality?
We ask for precision in the image, the cut, the quality of materials, the easiness of application and the duration in time.
Would you be the spokesperson of Seri-Art’s quality?
On the subject, an appreciation of the supplier is needed and in your case is positive, undoubtedly.
How does your supply process with Seri-Art occur?
At first we request an estimate through emails and secondly we analyze a first sampling. At last we make an order.
How would you describe your cooperation with Seri-Art?
Seri-Art is simply an excellent partner.